15 questions about me

I love reading other bloggers lists so stole this one from Michaela, translated it real quick and here we go:


1. If you had a daughter now, what would you call her?
WHAT? I have absolutely no idea.

2. What annoys you? 
A lot of stuff. People walking slowly, people screaming/talking very loud, bad customer service, people with no rhythm, being woken up middle of the night, wet bathroom floor.. I can go on and on tbh.

3. Name 3 things on your to-do list:
Sell shit on depop/ebay, do laundry and cook the remainder of my chanterelles

4. Describe your dream look:
I’m pretty happy with the way I look. Wouldn’t mind being a little taller, haha!

5. What surname will you and G have when you get married?
I’m not that bothered - wait and see!

6. Do you have clothes from when you were little?
Nope, doubt my parents do too.

7. What do you earn?
None of your biz.

8. What do you choose, H&M or ZARA? 
Probably Zara even though H&M is Swedish. Zara is just a bit quicker and edgier with their designs.

9. How do you answer the phone? 
”Noelle” or a simple “Hello”


10. Most common preconception about you? 
That I’m taller, got a different accent and younger.

11. Your worst trait? 
Same as Michaela (the blogger who I stole this list from). I’m highly emotional and even though that can be a beautiful thing, it also sucks. I assume the absolute worst very often and that does not help anyone and definitely not me.

12. Your best? 
May sound silly but I’m a very kind person. I like to help and care a lot about people around me, even strangers I’ve never met.

13. Could you have a distance relationship? 
Already had one during 2013. I’d do it again if there was no other choice but I’d much rather not. I like being near the one that I love.

14. How tall are you?
161 cm

15. Book suggestion? 
Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race.
Still reading it but so far so good.

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