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Desenio has been my go-to online shop for artwork since at least two years back and I am very grateful for yet another collaboration with them - this time with Campfire, where I work.

We have recently soft launched our co-working space in Shoreditch and decorating the space bit by bit as we go. One of my main tasks has been the dressing schedule, which includes art, plants and smaller decorative items.


Above is our members café area
I was very happy to see that Desenio has plenty of asian-inspired prints since Campfire was established in Hong Kong and our main interior inspiration has been from there too.
I wanted to keep things quite simple with a few quotes, minimal prints and plants and all you do it search for it

We've got a lot of coffee obsessed people here so in case they forget.. Print here Click!
Quite obsessed with this print as it's basically me. On a print. Me. Click!
Our walls are in a blue-grey tone but I wanted to add more colour with these beautiful prints. Left, middle, right.

In the meeting rooms we've gone back to black and white. I think the bamboo print looks lovely next to the little vase and mini plant (ehm cut off from another plant..).


Also important to note that art does not have to hang on walls! Because the sofa's are, in my opinion, quite colourful I thought a black and white print would look good.

Lastly we've got a wonderful bar in our events space and I added a pop of bright colour with this floral print

Now you can decorate your space with Desenio prints too, and I've got an amazing discount for you all.
The code "bynoelle" gives you 25% off posters* on all of our sites between September 11th and 13th. Make sure to follow @desenio for more inspiration too!
*Except for frames and handpicked/collaboration posters.

Buy here:

In collaboration with Desenio

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