Hungover skin? Here's how you beat it!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve attended a bunch of events and parties combined with little sleep mainly because of the heatwave (and obviously the events too) and it’s taken a toll on my complexion.
I’m going to walk you through what I do to replenish and rehydrate my skin with a couple of key products.

This routine will hopefully help your skin feel better before it even gets dull and dry!


The night of the event:
As soon as I get home I head straight to the bathroom to shower and do my night time routine. I will usually stick to this routine BUT if I’m drunk (don’t happen too often but you know..) I’ll cleanse once and tone after.
Always always always wash your face after a night out. I don’t care if you can’t feel your legs or face, just wash your face. Your skin will thank you.


Morning after: Steamy shower! I’m a baby when it comes to hot showers but I will challenge myself and have it as hot as possible when I’m hungover to naturally perspire, open my pores and relax my muscles.

After shower: Time to mask. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Cowshed revitalising face mask. The clay cleanses my pores, almond oil soothes the skin and it's high in Vitamin E - perfect! Cowshed's got a bunch of new skin care products that I can't wait to get my hands on. I pop a thin layer all over my face and let it sit for 15 minutes. 

Whilst waiting for my skin to soak up the ingredients in the mask I moisturise my entire body in body oil - my fave way to moisturise. If it’s extremely warm I’ll moisturise with a cream as it dries quicker.


Right. We’ve masked and moisturised, time for the rest of the skincare routine. I usually follow this routine but have added a couple of new products I’m very excited about.


So, the caffeine solution from the ordinary isn't news, but BOY do I swim in this after a night out. I dab it under my eyes before sleep and also with my morning skincare routine.
I also combine two products with lots of hyaluronic acid to boost hydration further - as if the mask wasn't enough! The Hyaluronic Acid booster (serum) and Moisture Renewal Oil from Paula's choice have been my go-to lately and I tend to finish off with even more oil. The Miracle Makeover Facial oil is meant to be a cleansing mask (?) but I use it to finish off my routines.
Lastly, I can't go to sleep or live during the day without a good lip moisturiser and keep my Organic Lip Balm from By Sarah by my bed. Unfortunately I can't bring it anywhere else as it will melt!

If you have any tips for hungover skin, let me know in the comments!