Life update via phone pictures

I've been super inactive, I know. I will get better soon, at some point, just not right now and that's ok.
Here's 12 random phone pics from the last two weeks of my life.


Every now and again my dear bf will go on a little shopping spree on my behalf and get me stuff I usually would never buy myself. He did very well this time. Heels from boohoo and public desire.


One afternoon I met up with Maianh who's over from Dubai. I hadn't seen her for months and somehow we managed to dress exactly the same. 


Birthday brunch for Simone at Red Rooster (inside Curtain).


My main was fried chicken and waffles nom nom


On Monday last week I went to reshape at 1rebel near the gherkin. Oh boy, that is a good cardio workout.


On thursday's we usually have a member's social at work and I'm in charge of food.. Pizza from Radio Alice.


Gulldia gifted me these beautiful pieces! I'm absolutely in love with the ring.. just need to get the right size and I think it'll be one of my staple pieces.


Last Saturday I met up with Maria, felt extremely tired, had one of these and immediately woke up and was ready to dance until 3am.


The next day I was hungover like never before and tried out the Sjöskin face mask for the first time. I'm going to do a more in depth review soon, but for now.. it's magic.


Tom is visiting from San Fran so we caught up over brunch. Kind of miss him.


Afterwards I went with my new band to Notting Hill Carnival, haha. I hadn't been for years so wasn't too sure what to expect but we had a great time. Towards the end however, my anxiety grew. We kept on walking through very large crowds, men kept on grabbing me and I just got very anxious and nearly had a panic attack. When I get that anxious I know to remove myself from the location and just leave which I did. 


And this is from this week. Le Struggle Is Very Real.

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