A Swedish Midsummer

I've had a few technical difficulties with the blog lately but hoping it's all back on track now!
Here's a bunch of pictures from our Midsummer celebration in Sweden.

We flew over Thursday evening, drove down to the island on Friday during the day and had a traditional Swedish Midsummer's lunch with the family. Meatballs, sausage, skagen, cheese pie, potatoes and a lot of drinks, speeches and songs.
After lunch we were all in a daze and spent it in the greenhouse dancing or in front of the TV, napping. 
A few hours later it was time for dinner and we had steak with potato gratin and a lovely salad. For dessert Arild brought his famous cheesecakes, of course very delicious. 
The bedroom picture is taken at 3.26am as I randomly woke up, can you see how light it is?!
The next day was spent working out in the sun, watching the world cup, playing with the kids and more eating.

I truly needed this break and felt like I rested loads. Both me and G slept a lot whilst everyone else stayed up until morning hours, haha. 

More pictures from Sweden coming soon!