Naturigin organic hair colour

Did I mention that I went a blonde a few months back? I swear I went through a late twenties hair crisis and had to do something drastic with my hair asapasapasap! My lovely friend and hairdresser Nadia was very patient with me, bleached my hair and I had this balayage for literally about 2 weeks before I regretted it all. She toned it down to a cooler colour but eventually the toner washed away and enters Naturigin - a Danish organic hair care brand with colours and shampoo/conditioner. After the bleaching, colouring and toner I was more than happy to try a organic brand as I felt my hair needed something milder than harsh chemicals.


I was sent number 4 which is Brown and I coloured my hair one very warm afternoon at home.
The instructions were super easy and I was happily surprised that the colour had a more pleasant smell than other chemical based colours.


I left the colour in for 30 min, had a little dance break and washed it out.
The result as you can see above is not 100% perfect, I definitely needed two packs of colour but managed to cover most of the blonde tresses. I was overall super happy with the result and have been getting so many compliment on my shiny hair!

I filmed the entire colouring process (including my dance break) and posted it on my youtube channel, which I'm hoping to stay more active on from now on! Have a little look why don't you?


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