Karlstad and Sunne - Home sweet home

Home sweet home. It's always special coming home, especially during the summer and when you're greeted by sunshine and warm weather.
The drive from Stockholm took about 3.5 hours and we arrived right on time for an early dinner. Mom made my absolute favourite dish which is Pho Ga (vietnamese noodle soup with chicken) and I think I had 3 bowls of it.
During the next couple of days we had a thai massage, visited friends (and newborn), spent an evening with my godmother and watched films and swam in the lake.

One day we drove to Sunne, which is about 1.5-2 hours drive north from Karlstad, drove up the steepest concrete road hill in Sweden to this magical place called Tossebergsklätten:

I absolutely love a good view and could spend hours just watching a view like this.
If I ever go back home with other visitors I'd love to take them to this place too - absolutely magical!

I'm hoping to go back this autumn again as I don't think I can cope with the Swedish winter!
Swedish summers are the absolute best.

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