A Brazilian evening at Cabana

As some of you might remember, I spent 3 weeks in Brazil last year and fell in love with the people, my bf's family, the beautiful surroundings but most importantly for this post: the food! 
There wasn't one day where we didn't eat something or somewhere amazing and I came back gutted that wouldn't be able to eat the same food every-single-day anymore.
Anyway. Fast forward to last week when Cabana invited me to try out their food at their White City restaurant and I obviously brought my Brazilian boyfriend. 


I'm not going to lie, we were both quite sceptical to the food but little did we know, we were in for a very positive surprise.
We started by ordered drinks and how amazing does this sprinkle frozen margarita look? I turned into a child real quick and ate the sprinkles.


We also ordered a cocktail with guava juice, but I can't remember the name.. Delicious though!
For starters we got grilled halloumi with guava dip. Who on earth knew that cheese and guava (think sweet jam) could be so good?! We also got chicken croquetas with malagueta mayo.


Clearly didn't know which cocktail to pose with.


For our main dishes we went with their recommendations. G ordered the 8oz chimichurri rib eye with churrasco onion rings and fries and I got the salmon with coconut slaw and rice. Goodness this was absolutely delicious and G was very happy with his steak!


Even though we were more than full we just had to have a little dessert to finish off our meal. The waiters insisted too so.. how could I say no?


Cinnamon and sugar covered churros and nutella filled doughnut balls <3

Obrigado Cabana for a wonderful meal! I'll back to feast again very soon.