Get your face and body ready for summer!

Summer has finally arrived in full bloom and I'm so excited! Since my last life update a lot has happened and the main thing is that I have started a new job, in a completely new industry. I wake up every day feeling extremely happy and grateful and it's been a very long time since I've felt that way.
I promise I will write more about my new job in another post!

On to the main topic of today's blog post. As it's now summer I am changing my skincare routine slightly to accommodate for more rays and glow and here's how!


Body care:
I exfoliate my body a little bit more in the summer to get an even tan and I do so with various products. My favourite way of exfoliating is with a pretty coarse body scrub and I would use it on dry skin before jumping into the shower (well, I would do the whole procedure inside the bathtub as it gets messy!). I'm currently a big fan of  body scrubs from L'Occitane and also love their almond shower oil. 
Another more gentle way of exfoliating is by using exfoliating gloves with your shower gel/oil.

After scrubbing, washing and once dry I a-l-w-a-y-s moisturise - I even mentioned it it my big skincare post. If I'm going to spend a lot of time in the sun I'll use a lotion with spf 25-30. I very rarely burn but still want to protect my skin from the harsh rays. 

I started using spf way too late, I know it already due to the sunspots on my face. I don't mind them as they look like freckles but I know they're there because the sun damaged my skin. So what I do in the summer is moisturise as usual but add an extra layer of spf - I like the above moisturiser a lot as it's light, contains hyaluronic acid and hydrates well. 
Other things I do is I protect my eyes by wearing sunglasses, cover my hair and face with a cap if I'm sunbathing and do not force it. My body tans a lot quicker than my face so I use a self-tanning serum on my face every now and again to tan it without exposing my face to the sun. 

I've also got some other exciting skincare products I'm trialling out and can't wait to write about them!
Do you have any skin/body care tips for summer?

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