Sangiovese Winemaker's dinner at Frescobaldi

Date night recommendation coming your way. Two weeks ago I was invited to Sangiovese winemaker’s dinner at Frescobaldi, an Italian upscale eatery and wine bar.  

The restaurant itself is stunning. Maybe not the outside at the moment, but look at the second picture!


That’s the ground floor, how beautiful? It reminds me of Clos Maggiore, another Italian restaurant in London.

The dinner I attended was on the lower ground floor in a smaller area which was lovely as it made it all a bit more intimate. 

We got to meet Nicolo' d' Afflitto, Chief Wine Maker, who introduced himself and all of the wines we were about to drink.


I'll write down all of the wines at the end of the post because there was a few.
To start the dinner off we had a ricotta and asparagus canapé.


Then a beef tartar with crispy pickled vegetables


Pici (pasta) with wild boar ragu and rosemary (and extra parmesan, always extra parmesan)

Duck breast with stewed black cabbage and roast pumpkin


And by this point I was absolutely stuffed, but for dessert we had a florentine semi frozen cake.

Now for the wines we had:

  • Leonia Brut (bubbly chardonnay)
  • Castiglioni Chianti (red)
  • Flight of Nipozzano Vecchie Viti & Pietraregia (red)
  • Flight of Cru Montesodi & Castelgiocondo Brunello (red) 
  • Pomino Vendemmia Tardiva (sweet amber wine)

Phew! My fave was the Leonia Brut and Castiglioni Chianti. I'm normally not a big fan of red wines but that is most likely because I haven't learnt about it. The variety was very wide during the dinner which I appreciated, and they all paired beautifully with the food.

Frescobaldi holds events like these every three months or so. Give them a little follow on Instagram to keep up to date with them!