My first ever Afternoon Tea at Corinthia Hotel

During my 8 years in London I had seriously never been to a Afternoon Tea until last Sunday - quite shocking, I know!
I met up with a lovely bunch of bloggers and influencers at Corinthia Hotel, one of many beautiful hotels in Westminster.

corinthia hotel

Their Christmas decor was absolutely beautiful.


We sat down and soon got to choose between tea blends and other drinks (menu here).. I opted for a safe black tea blend with milk.
The sandwiches were plentiful and my fave was probably the most basic one - cucumber and cream cheese.


May have also added a hot chocolate with ALL the toppings..


I sat next to Joanne (Petite Side of Style) and we spoke lots about the current blogging world, travelling and her “new” baby girl. It’s always nice speaking to someone who “get’s it” and who also wants to open up about the challenges and positives.
We also bonded over our love for dessert which was great because..


The dessert trolley rolled over to us!


Have you seen anything more beautiful?
I loved the marshmallows on top of the trolley - they would literally cut them into pieces with a scissor! My favourite dessert was the little red Christmas ball filled with white chocolate goodness.


Our lovely group in the midst of eating and chatting away.
Would I go again? Oh absolutely. I think it would be really nice for a friend-date where you want to be able to have a conversation without shouting, and sip tea for hours!

This wonderful experience was gifted by, but all views are my own as per usual.

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